River Pictures Laughlin 2001

River Gang 2001
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Judy, David, Ray, Paula, Mari, and Michael soaking


Black Canyon


Matt and Amy Budd baptize their daughter Mattie.


Hot Boat!
Captain and Crew!


Captain, Sandra, Josh and Ramsy. Praise Jesus! And praise Him for that nice boat!


Cove Dwellers! Note the raising of hands! We know who lives in their hearts! JESUS!!!
Unsuspecting inhabitants.


David, Gabe, Michael, and George (and Rick) in route to Hoover Dam. 
Paynes and Jenkins a cruzin. We love Jesus...Yes we do, we love Jesus...how boat you?
Cool evenings! Water is flat, cool, and its still warm outside (about 103). 
Skys' a flame!
Mid week day trip and we made it. 65 miles from Davis dam to Hoover dam. The water is moving fast here and 30 degrees cooler (actually a freezing 58 degrees according to David's fish finder). Stan's crew in the foreground.
Another blessing! Kent, Christina, Katie, and Arlene Ellis. 
Lives hard on the river, don't let anyone fool ya.
Matt Budd being baptized. Out with the old and in with the new! Matt gave a wonderful testimony. 
Mess hall. Good grub, good crew, good fellowship (Flamingo Hilton Buffet)
Big circle prayer time for Captain and Ellis' departure. Prayer went out for the Lobban's New York trip the next day to see Pharris and Tamara. 
Captain and Sandra baptize Ramsy (Joshua and Jerrime behind). Budds up next.

We enjoyed the children's worship, message, and invitation to receive Christ earlier!

Another beautiful shoot. The colors in the sky change as the minutes go by. We are on the Arizona side looking towards the Nevada side of Lake Mojave..
Jill, Rachel, and Jenna a drift on a floatie.
Mathias, Josh and crew (Stan, Mark, Jerrime, Cameron) in route to Hoover dam.
It's a bird, its a plane, no...
its..its Super George doing what he does best. Showing his stuff.

Cameron, Josh, and Mathias going up river.
Old wooden walk away. It is said that this was built in WWII, as an alternate way of reaching the dam, in case of attack.
A close up of the east side dam tunnels. These were used to re-route the river during construction, but still in use today for hydroelectricity.
A natural spring dripping. Neat colors!
A bigger underground spring. 
Hoover dam.You can't see it but when you drive over the dam, you find perhaps hundreds of visiting spectators. Semi trucks use road on top as a short cut to northern Arizona.
New pics follow...
McDonnell's at Katherine's Landing. 
Campbell's and Judy at Katherine's Landing.
Another picture of our cove and good jump spot. 
Jerrime and Jimmy tubing together. They are just getting starting on a 20 min ride from our cove back to Katherine's after a fun day once again on the lake.
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