Rivergang.com Laughlin 2014!
Mamma and baby burro's  
And the daddy burro who gladly stepped in to eat goodies.  
What a kick? thats so funny!  
Jannelle holding the boat so it doesn't float away.  
Up at Oatman, AZ visiting the town groupies.  
Rick and Jannelle on a quiet evening.  
A rare sight at Katherine's landing when you're the only boat at the launch.  
This is Katherine's mine.  
One of the horizontal shafts.  
John and Deb hooked up with us at one of the sandy beach heads.  
Visiting Oatman, John and Deb.  
Rick, John and Stephen.  
Stephen doing a little fish'in.  
Jody having fun waterskiing.  
Stephen's turn.  
Deborah! Johnny's better half.  
Rick and his better half.