Rivergang.com Laughlin 2012!
Work sucks and I'm going to the River! Rick out on the Colorado river. Had to have the shirt.  
That's right! Rivergang still going strong. One boat, one family.. actually one couple. But hey! It's our favorite place for rest & relaxation.  
Once again, blessed with a quiet week. Ours was the only slip on the jetti dock at Katherine's Landing.  
Calm waters make for great reflective pics!  
Beautiful sunsets. Rick worked half days. We'd hit the lake around Noon and still out till about 9pm each night.  
Kick'in it at the gorge.. Topock canyon.  
Nellie at Topock gorge. Only the gorgeous chicks are found at the gorge.  
Beautiful clean cool water.. actually about 50degF here.  
Local wildlife; this guy has quite a smile and wouldn't hurt a flea. Well he might eat a flea.  He's about an inch and a half in size.  
There's a story behind this pic. The guy inverted in the sky here hit the water hard and passed out. We quickly drove over and by the time we got there he was already unconscious under the surface of water 6ft floating down quickly. Rick dived in to save him,  pulled him to up to the surface and shook him hard and he came to. His name was James as we can recall. A young man heavily intoxicated. We thank God he made it.

The following day, Rick helped pull another guy out of the river who was about to go under the docks in front of the Edgewater, water moving about 20mph. A week prior to that, a man was killed under the same dock.

Cabins at Pirate Cove, south of Needles in CA.  
A quiet Pirate's cove.  
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