Rivergang.com Laughlin 2010!
The whole crew for the most part. Some are missing from this picture (Greg and Helen; Gary and Julie, etc)  
No matter how much Gary asked to drive the boat he just never got to.  
Jeff on his standup.
Our personal cove.  
Jeff and crew.  
Then there was the big 50th birthday party for Rick, pictured here with dear friends Kirk and Sandra. That's Ryan in the back.

Thanks to all who came and a special thanks to Nell who pulled it off!
They knew Rick would need the walker sooner or later that night.  
Jessi and Megan fishing the only way to fish.  
Jenna screamer.  
Stephen keeping an eye on Jody, a natural born skier.  
Jeff, Jenifer, Bill and Jamie.  
Jody and Stephen.  
Deb and Johnny.  
Nell and Rick.  
Shelly and gumby Josh.  
Jill and Kasey  
Gary and Julia  
Getting into it, Jerrime.
One last picture of the water with Julie and Jerrime riding aft.
There was a bunch of people not shown here. Please send more pictures.