Rivergang.com Laughlin 2004 - May Trip
John and Deborah
Stephen and Jody
Rick and Jannelle
Gary and Denise
Dale and Shirley

This is us in Turtle cove.
The water was still pretty
chilly but the sun was warm.

Fish's were biting that day.
Stephen caught a big blue gill.
See it?

Way cool beach on the sunny
side of Lake Mohave by

Sunsets were beautiful
as usual.

Koom-by-ya my Lord,
koom-by-ya. My feet are
toasty Lord, Koom-by-ya!

Just a relax'in.
We ran into some cove
dwellers out there - Gary
and Denise.

And Dale and Shirley.
Rick and Nell.
Down thar' is a big hole
where once a miners
were a digg'in.