Rivergang.com Laughlin 2004 - June Trip
This was our cove for the entire week. It was far from Katherine's Landing but worth it. It was crowded during Rivergang week and most coves were taken even in the middle of the week. This one was sweet because it was horse-shoe shaped and calm.
Jenna, Arlene, and Katie getting ready for fun on tube.
Now it's Pharris, Katelynn, and Jessi's turn. The water was beautiful. Not too cold and usually flat.
Late night was fun. Saw tons of stars and whole bunches of satellites. This is Rick and Nell by their Rivergang sign.
Here's Jerrime doing it up.
Big Daddy Rick, showing the boys how to do it.
Unmatched in strength and agility, Kyle smokes us all with high jumps and ....
...soft landings. Watch out Mom, move the chair over.
Now it's Captain turn to shred Lake Mohave.
Kent and crew up by Hoover Dam.
Hoover Dam (again). Always fun to see. Praise the Lord, no props lost or problems on this trip.We all behaved. Except here, a man on a bull-horn had to tell us not to jump in the water.
Kirby and Krew.
Locked and loaded, ready for any unexpected passer-by in a boat. A large squirt gun is required equipment now in a Rivergang boat.
Kirby and Suzanne on their way up through the tunnel of love, er, hotsprings.
Christina, Katelynn, and Jenna at the hotsprings. There were a lot of springs pooled up this time with sand-bags. Lots of fun.
Dakota, Jerrime, and Jared hanging out on the bow. It's hard to tell (with those short haircuts) but we're cruising about 30 mph here.
We found a great Mexican restaurant at the Riverside parking lot. Here's a shot of all the girls.
Now all the boys. "Where's the grub, we're hungry?!"
We did a lot of cliff-jumping and here's a funny foursome. Rick, Jerrime, Robert, and Dakota. Crazy!
Kim and crew. On board is Mrs. Rutherford, Nell, Britney, and Kim.
Robert and crew with their new boat. 24' Tahoe deck boat. We're not sure he ever turned off the motor. Constant fun.
Thank you Lord for all
the fun times of boating and fellowship.

Rivergang 2004