Rivergang.com Laughlin 2003 - Pre Runner in May
Gary and Julie Tosti 
  (sounds good)
John and Deborah McDonnell
Rick and Jannelle
Dale and Shirley
Gary and Denise Dinnen 
We needed to make
sure all the coves looked
okay. This one's okay.


Then there was that
battle over Dale's super
soak skirt gun! That was
fun. Debbie played double
spy. We floated down River
for a couple of hours.
Shirley gives A-okay!
Now you boys go
on your little hike.
Here, we guys
going on our hike...
Look closely, you'll
find Turtle Cove below.
This is Dale and Gary.
Ricky gives the wave
off. It's ok to jump 
here. Gary Dinnen and
Johnny follow.
Tube wars! Outside
Turtle Cove. Johnny
conquers Ricky shortly
after this picture by
jumping on his tube.
Johnny doing it up!
Whew! Don't let
anyone fool ya! Water-
skiing is hard-work! 
Now Wakeboarding
is another thing.
Life is good on
the Havasu Sand-bar.
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