Rivergang.com Laughlin 2003
First bunch of Rivergang'ers 
in Lompoc Gorge, a favorite stopping spot. Paynes, McDonnells, Ellis. Second bunching arriving later: The Noble's, Hannenburgs, and then Gary and Vicke.
A new family joined us, the Larba's! Here's a picture coming back from a fun-filled day on Mohave.  
Britney and Jill cooling off. The water was fine!
Robert and Kim Larba hanging out.
Robert couldn't get enough
cliff jumping. Here in Turtle cove
at the highest point. It looks
like he hung on to the wires first before dropping. 
Looks of fun pulling tubes and tube wars on beautiful lake Mohave. Jared in the foreground.
Jared and Jerrime showing off their dessert creations at the Flamingo buffet.
Jenna, Jessi, and Meggan waiting for grub.
Nell and Rick. Full and happy.
Jannelle and Christina on the paddle boat in Turtle cove.. Jerrime in the water. Everyone had a great time of relaxing and quality fellowship.
Way to go K-K! Katelynn hooks one!
Kent, strut'in his stuff, walking off a perfectly good boat into the Colorado river. 
Rick bailing water out of the paddle boat. We were trying to tow it across lake Mohave to 
another cove.
Another picture from Lompoc Gorge. Kent and Rick tossing Jenna.
Then Jerrime.
Jerrime navigating back from Havasu up river.
Meggan and Jessi - photo opp.
Kent and Rick fixing Rick's water pump on Havasu. It was so hot, both tongues were hanging out.
We went down to Parker dam on  one day. A first for a lot of us. A fun trip.
David and Judy cruising back from Parker Dam.  
We practically had the whole lake to ourselves. Well at least this part of Lake Havasu. We took turns crusing up close to each other and taking pictures.
David's new tube was a blast.. Here Jenna, Jill, and Jerr get ready for a ride. Judy, Christina, and Nell had fun on it. And the bruises to prove it. A really bouncy ride.
Meggan first look at the London Bridge in Havasu.
Good food and wonderful service at Flamingo Buffet. Joan, our little waitress insisted she serve us each day.
Jerrime and his Dad in their matching swim trunks, ok, board shorts.
We need pictures! Particularly the second half of Rivergang week with the Noble's, the Hanneburgs, and Vickie Rader &  Gary. Please mail to: McDonnells
740 E. Third Ave
La Habra, CA. 90631


or email digital snaps to: rick@rivergang.com