Rivergang.com Laughlin 2002
2002 Rivergang,
in Lompoc Gorge,
a favorite stop spot.

The Ellis', Kammers, 
Lobbans, McDonnells, 
and the Nobles
Not Shown:

The Cheeks, Cooks, Harrisons, and the Paynes.


Katelynn and the cove.
James Harrison
and friends.
Forest, Jenifer, and
Aubrie, on the way back
one evening. Aubrie
especially had fun!
Aubrie, Jessie, and
Water was nice!
Jill, Sara, and Aerial
on the way up the gorge.
Buffet at Harrah's.Awesome
food and fellowship, Dale and
Shirley, David and Judy,
Capt and Sandra, Kent
and Christina, Kirby and
Suzanne, Rick and
Celebrating David's
graduation from Calvary
Chapel's School of
Congratulations David,
you made it (Phil 4:13)!.
Hanging out at Flamingo's
Buffet, Rick, Capt, Sandra,
Shirly,  and Sara.
Happy Birthday Julie!
Kids waiting for food!
Breakfast at Flamingo!
Breakfast at River Palms.
Hanging out at the cove.
Paddle Boat full of cuties.
Getting ready for skiing
Aubrie's pool!
Jerrime and Josh.
Kent and boat full
on the river.
Rick and Nell at
the Lompoc Gorge.
Dunking party!
Everybody's in on it.
Capt and Dale.
taking a dunk.
Gilligan and the Skipper.
Ready to pull out and
head to Havasu
and London Bridge.
Capt Kirk at the helm,
up river.
Havasu, London Bridge,
Dale and crew heading
back from Havasu.
Water was like bath-water
in Havasu Lake. Always
fun to jump in.
Up and coming
Captain Jenna with
her pop, Rick.
Heading for Hoover
Dam, Sandra and
Captian Kirk,
in Black Canyon.
We found some awesome
hot springs and showers.
Captain munching on
some Crunch Munch.
Up river from Willow
Beach close to Hoover
Dam, Dave, Joyce, Judy,
and David.
Beautiful Black Canyon.
We spotted mountain
goats on the way.
David and crew.
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